• It is often the first impression a caller gets of your company.
  • You have a captive audience
  • Marketing is a good thing! (You shouldn’t be afraid)
  • It is a splendid opportunity to present products & services
  • (we can always use more of that!)
  • It is a great image builder.
  • On Hold marketing is proven to process less hang-ups
  • It keeps your customer’s mind on YOU…not the music
  • We custom write your script, up to 10 commercials, add the professional voices, some “no-royalty-fees to-pay” music background, maybe a sound effect or two…and you put it in your system’s MOH input…or for most newer systems, we can supply a digital file through email. Really, it’s that simple. A powerful marketing tool…and you own it. NO CONTRACTS, no monthly fees…just a simple buy-out.

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