Using our Exclusive one-on-one system, we help you deliver talk show content with the ease and flow of a professional…your first day on the air! And…we have the professional bells and whistles to make a truly professional sound.


  • We can make your show sound professional immediately… or simply help you focus on your other podcast or radio show alternatives. We consult with you to help you realize your radio/podcasting talk show dreams. Free for 15 minutes – if we are not a match…I can suggest a couple of alternatives.
  • After that, the 2 hour workshop over the phone or zoom…is $1,000. Initial consultation is with a professional radio/podcast coach, Lee Mirabal. Our entire consulting staff is at the ready, including broadcast engineers, administrative, traffic advice and services, and more.
  • We also offer professionally produced custom intros/outros for your podcast. Connect with us