Voiceoverlee.com Team

Lee Mirabal – Chief Creator

Lee Mirabal’s voice is heard on audio products ranging from NASA paging systems to Ford Motor Company commercials. She was listed in the Top 100 Most Influential Voices in America and won 16 ADDY awards for copy writing. See her complete bio here. She also likes to play cards…poker, canasta, euchre…the lot. hint: Don’t get her started on poker.

John Sell, Engineering and Audio Production

John has produced audio since 1978 and includes radio and TV commercials; AV presentations; telephone on-hold marketing tracks; show bumpers, and custom marketing productions for all types of presentations to his resume. John comes from a musical family, so he loves to sit and thumb-pick county-style blues on his guitar into the wee hours of the morning. (Hint: (Don’t get him started about country music, guitars, or the blues!)

Melissa DeMille – Talk Show Producer

Melissa is a “radio brat”; raised by parents who were in the radio business. She has held various radio station gigs, including receptionist; banner schlepper; DJ assistant; phone screener; traffic director; copywriter; scriptwriter; and talk show host producer for eBay Radio, Entrepreneur Magazine Radio, Hay House Radio, and other high-profile talk radio programs. Melissa has a degree in psychology and divides her time between duties as a youth counselor and her creative projects. All this, plus she is also the mother of two handsome and very active young men and an avid gamer. (Hint: Don’t get her started on gaming!)

Betsie Bolger – Content Manager

Bolger, known in the eBay community as “eBetsy”, but spelled “Betsie” when she’s not on eBay, has been a magazine editor, writer, and freelance journalist in editorial, advertising, and public relations for more than three decades. She is a content provider for many websites since the dawn of the World Wide Web. Betsie serves us as a writer and editor. Betsie was also a professional equestrian, training horses and riders at competitive levels ranging from backyard events to national and world championships. She is now into canine agility Training…(Hint: Don’t get her started on agility trials!)  

Donna Freher-Lyons – Director of Business Development

Donna is currently focused on sponsorships and utilizing social media to expand the reach of traditional marketing. She has directed administrative and operational activities in a wide range of industries. She has organized large scientific symposiums; managed a scientific society; assisted in the monthly orchestration and production of a classic mystery school; and provided oversight and guidance in areas directly related to growing a business. She also studies yoga and dance. (Hint: Don’t get her started on the Argentine tango!)

Frank Ceasar – Production Director/The Voice of God in Southern California

R.I.P. Frank. Many good times were spent with this fellow…He had a very special voice and could sing his arse off.