Covid and Your Telephone Message

I’ve contacted many businesses in the last 5 months and I’m always stunned when a business is closed temporarily…but there is no message telling me that. My manicurist business put their phone to a busy signal for months. How awful. Then, I called back when the governor said they could re-open and they answered. I was going to find another nail place…and decided to try to call them back one more time. They almost lost me…a loyal customer for 10 years. They should have put an auto-attendant on their phone during the closure saying they were planning on reopening. I didn’t know if they were out of business or planning on returning. Even if you stayed open during the pandemic…you need an updated auto-attendant message so when people call you, they know if you are opened or not.

On the web, I also appreciate the companies that say “we are open during the pandemic” or “we are temporarily closed…stay tuned for our planned opening” or something to that effect. Think about your customers during this time.

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